Why is it so difficult to find a pet friendly long term rental

I am a 67 year old single woman. I have lived in France for 15 years and following marriage breakup I really want to return to England. I am looking for a semi rural property, most areas considered, but I am looking for a property that is pet friendly. I have two very wellbehaved dogs and a cat, who is also very wellbehaved! I would love to get back to dear old blighty as soon as possible, but they seem to be the problem. They are like my kids and I am not leaving here without them. I only want a small property with a garden and ideally no really close neighbours. I live in a gite which does holiday rentals and it is far from peaceful and quiet. I can hear the people in the next property through the walls!Can anyone help me before the bloody holiday makers and their noisy kids arrive. Looking to pay at most £800 a month. HELP!

Just to add that I may seem like a grumpy old cow, but really I am not. I and fed up with not being able to sit outside because of the French kids from the farm about 100 metres away like to come around and interrupt my peace and quiet. The daughter used to just walk in here too, until I started locking the door to keep her out, Now my landlord who lives about 15 metres opposite me is obsessed with his bloody holidaymakers, or as he calls them "punters"arriving, not because he wants them here, he just wants their money. I have lived in this bloody little gite for eleven years, not by my choice, but by my estranged husbands choice. He fell out with our landlord, left and left me here.