Worst time to be evected at the moment

I’m really stressing out… We were living in this flat for 7 years and landlord decided to sell it at worst time for us. Renting market is so empty or overpriced. That for young family it’s just hard… We have 1 year old and I can work only part time. Because I taking care of her and husband it’s working full time. We can’t find even decent one bedroom flat that would fit our needs. Just don’t know what to do anymore.


Difficult I realise and I am sympathetic, I suppose all anyone can do is lower standards and view it as short term. Remember a place can be decorated and can be transformed quite cheaply if willing to do work yourself, landlord permitting, so dont rule out those that look tired. Location to work and schooling should be the main concern. Could consider moving to cheaper area?


we are hearing more landlords are selliing , Now I wonder why?


We were living in cheapest area but Elizabeth line open and prices went up. Are living in London and the lowest one bedroom flat is from 1000-1250 pounds. We only looking here we could get to work. Even the ones that could be decorated prices are over 1000 pounds a month just for rent.

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Well pay off her mortgage and I think she wants to cashing in. Elezabeth line just open so it’s best time for her to sell it. I went knew that she will be selling we wouldn’t renew the contract. She waited 4 months 1 day to give us eviction notice by email…

We have the same problem, section 21 with no arrears after 13 years. It’s a nightmare. Anything remotely that would suit us is miles away from work and schools or is about £400 to £600 more than we currently pay.
The council have been brilliant but there is just nothing available for us with them either.
The housing officer has advised us to go private.
Also 3 dogs and have a date of Sept 11th. I understand this date may be extended due to the landlord having to take us to court.
Emergency housing looming.
2 of my dogs are near end of life which is horrible as it is. I’d live in a tent or a caravan at this point if it meant I could keep them. I’m not naturally a panicky person but starting to feel very disheartened.


You could write a letter to your MP letting them know that the government’s anti-landlord campaign is working out really well, with landlords selling their houses as fast as possible and people like you paying the price.


Well we live in Bexley. And at the moment our income can afford £1250 flat and most time it’s really small. We called some many places they are already rented or some landlords don’t wanna children… . And we have one year old… Its so horrible that people wouldn’t accept kids. I feel bad for you as well because dogs are family as well. We need to move out at September 6. But hoping can compromise maybe with landlord.

Like the PM care about working families


If you haven’t already…notify your local councils housing officer. We did literally in the day we received the section 21.
He’s been great and very supportive. Do it sooner rather than later in the 11th hour because if they have more time, they can help more. Also, keep records of any viewing etc so you can notify them. We’re on the social housing list but not holding my breath. It MAY lead to having to go into emergency accomodation but because we are at risk of being made homeless they were quick in trying to get us help and support. I’m so sorry you’re going through this too, it’s a rough time for trying to rent, we’ll make it xxx

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Well we notified council as soon as we knew. The think landlord sent us an email and council said that we need a letter… Landlord at first didn’t wanted even give the form 21.But we told her that we needed. She said that sent it but never arrived… We send council the picture of the letter and waiting for their replay. We are doing our best to find new home but nothing on the market that we could afford… I

local councils were allowed to sell off their housing stock many years ago . They could never keep up with repairs anyway. Thus the shortage today. Goverment policies ,we are led by idiots


Unless the landlord serves you with a s21 notice on form 6a, any letter is almost certainly of no legal effect. The Council wont react until this happens.


As per what @David122 said, the LL needs to send you the S21 otherwise eviction is not enforceable. The standard minimum notice period once they serve you the S21 is two months, and in some cases, the notice period may be longer (see Shelter website for more info). So I wouldn’t worry about having to move out by Sep 6, although it still doesn’t resolve your problem of eventually having to find a new rental within your budget. As others have suggested, you may want to consider moving to a cheaper area. Have you checked commute times from other areas? London Commuter Map Shows Where to Live Based on Your Work | Blog (traveltime.com) My old tenants went on the Help To Buy scheme to buy their own flat, so maybe consider schemes like this if you are unable to find a rental within your budget? Good luck!

Yeah we know we told the landlord… It took a while to convince her that we need that letter other wise we can’t get help from council. She told us that she send us and were waiting for two more weeks but the letter didnt arrived. We have just picture that she send us… Im telling my husband that we need the proper letter from her his mine and girls names on the form. She didn’t even bother to write names just my husband… Other day my husband ask her again about letter she told that she is away…

We were living in cheat area till elezabeth line open… Thamesmead… The think I’m checking we’re we could move but need to stay Greenwich side of the river because I need to get to work on Sundays for 6am… We are thinking about share ownership but we not have enough time to buy it.

I would stop worrying for the moment. It sounds like your landlady is in no hurry to evict you.


My old tenants managed to complete their Help to Buy purchase in about 6 weeks so it is possible! :slight_smile:

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Honestly, Brigita, why are you so eager to help her to evict you? Until she serves a VALID S21 - it’s just talks. Use this time helping yourself, not someone whose actions will hurt you.

With her attitude it could take years, you might be able to find ten suitable places during that time or even buy one of your own. The war might come to an end and probably the energy prices with it.


I’m facing exactly the same issue having been in a property 5 years,young family too and I work 30 hours but live alone with them…I’ve been offering 12 months rent upfront and still getting absolutely no where…I honestly can’t understand why it’s so difficult at the moment.

I hope you find something soon.