Your referencing company is AWFUL

I’ve just been given a high risk report by your referencing agency, this is insanely idiotic because of the following reasons:

  • I have never once owed any money to anyone, EVER.
  • I have never ever paid late to anyone.
  • I make well above the amount of rent I want to pay in an industry where I can find a job in a couple of weeks max should I ever lose the one I have
  • Even if that were to fail I have plenty of money in my bank account to cover my rent for well over the lease period.

The report is extremely unprofessional and offers no explanation or no indication whatsoever, also the referencing checks were perfunctory at best and they didn’t even bother to call any of the numbers of email requested.

Can you please explain to me how the hell can Openrent use this crap company?:

You are meant to help tenants find a home and especially not leave tenants on the street who are solvent to pay rent.

Please consider not using this company again:

I have contacted them to urgently get back to me, but this needs to be solved urgently.