1 guarantor 2 leases


I have a guarantor, however she’s currently a guarantor for another property.

My question is, could a 1 guarantor be used for 2 different leases?

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now there is a good question .The answer must be yes if they are wealthy enough to cover it all

Thank you for your response.

I have done some much research and it’s hard to find a definitive answer.

I am not sure during a back ground check, the it will flag that a guarantor; is currently a guarantor for another property.

Really confusing

Simple answer is: why not?

It depends on whether they declare this or not to the landlord. If they don’t then there is no way to find out.

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I only have 1 available guarantor who happens to already be a guarantor on another lease. It’s been a very stressful ordeal trying to find out the potential blockers.

I passed the credit reference the landlord is requesting for a gaurantor :pleading_face:

Most landlords would do a credit check on the guarantor, but this would be very unlikely to reveal such commitments. Theoretically someone could be a guarantor for a hundred properties. It’s one of the reasons I tell people not to put too much faith in guarantor agreements.