Rent received less £49

As the title says, why have I received the first rent payment equal to first month rent less £49? Thank you in advance.

Never mind, it is because for the first time ever, I opted for the 2nd level when I put up the advert and then later got charged £49 for the Rent Now instead of paying £20 more for it at the time I put the advert up.

Hi, I have the same experience although I am unaware of what it means to opt for 2nd level advert. I opted for OpenRent only. Does this fee also apply to OpenRent adverts?

Hi @S1116

Thanks for your question.

While I don’t want to discuss your OpenRent account on a public forum, it sounds like you have used our Rent Now tenancy creation service and the cost for us providing the service (£49.00) has been deducted from the initial rent payment.

If you’ve got any further questions about billing or anything else then please contact our customer support team here.