2-3 bed house in south somerset

We are professional, middle aged married couple with one well behaved medium size dog 6yrs old.
Looking for a house to rent for long term, 2 or more bedrooms, near Yeovil, Martock, South Petherton, Ilminster, Crewkerne. Axminster. Ideally with a garden and space for a car or garage.
We rented a house for a last 14 years but our landlord passed away and is due to be sold now.

Quote “our landlord passed away and is due to be sold now”. Is that not illegal?


Don’t know… I’m guessing could be if was still alive :wink:


I have a small 3 bed link detached modern property in Fairmead Road. The tenants are proving very difficult, and I may soon have to reconsider their tenancy. Can i contact you if things come to a head?

Hi David77, thanks for your message, appreciate that. We are still looking for the house, but is tough as majority landlords won’t accept the pets. Feel free to contact me if circumstances changed with your property.

Pets,I love em. Its not the pets its their owners thats the problem.I have a 4 bed I rent to a very nice couple they have a jack russell, just like mine,so why not. They dont take theirs for a walk, its overweight and I feel for him. They kick him in the garden if I go round there will be 50 piles of poo than he has trouble avoiding and treading into the house. Never again.

As a professional couple, why not get your brain on and buy the house.


My neighbour has two small tiny yappy dogs. Last week during the storm and the rest of the week, numerous black mess bags were left lying about on the ground between our houses entrances, getting wet and I could smell it. The garden may need to be cleared on grounds of H&S issues.