2 /3 bedrooms and a jack Russel

I’ve looking for a house for over a year :disappointed:
I’m a NHS worker
Any Landlord allow pets !
That is cruel!
Everybody is different
They should at least give me the benefit of the doubt .

Where are you in the country ?

Cornwall, Truro . I work for RCHT
And I live in Chacewater for 10 years . My landlord and is family are the most kind and lovely , helpful, and fair people in the world. They said that they love us but they struggle financially and they need sell the house . Poor of me and my kids .

I read yesterday that Cornwall has a holiday let to permanent let ratio of 36 to 1. Its the worst county in the country for finding a tenancy. Any chance of you getting a transfer to another area?

I need one bedroom flat

where O where . Anywhere?

I need a 2 bedroom house in Lancaster area

Please I need a two bedroom in TS1 Middlesbrough, anyone with info should please contact me on ejisdafe@gmail.com

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