70s block of garages business rated by Ealing council

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I wondering if anyone out there can help me, I’ve recently started renting a small garage in a line of 70s block of garages behind a block of flats, there are two lines of these garages one line of 8 are owned by the tenants of the flats and on the opposite side are own by my landlord, I saw the advert on Gumtree for a garage for rent, i use this tiny garage for private use, there is no electricity or water no refuse collect nothing just your regular 1970 box anyway, turns out the line of garages are designated commerical property??? I was shock to get in the door from Ealing council a business rate bill of £721,

the landlord never mentioned our listen on the advertising that theses garages were Commercial and and one renting them would never no because there your average looking line of private type properties,

I went on to the VOA site and it turns out all of thoses garages are business rated

Can anyone help me? I have the council billing me for a property that’s being privately used form a landlord that’s deceived me

You should have checked with the council as when you buy any rateable property ,your fault not the landlord… up North the rate for a garage is about £500 a year. Contact the council and see if you can get anywhere

thanks for you reply, i think my point is its wasn’t advertised as a commercial property? so why would I check for rates?

this is a rented garage I didn’t buy it

the strange thing is that commercial property under a 12k rateable value do NOT pay rates they are small business exempt !! I know as I rent out 3 shops , none pay rates and I have a 2500. sq ft unit . I pay no rates You can check that out with your council

I will contact them thank you for that, its just a a weird situation I’ve gotten into, whats strange is on the bill it says that the rateable value of the garage is £1,575 thats way bellow, the bill they sent me was for £721 a year.

A business with a rateable value of 50k will pay about 50% … a rateable value of 30k will pay about half . There is also something called taper relief for above the 12k rate value, However you are well below the 12k. Will be an interesting talk with the council. Google in " small business rate relief "

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are you putting a car in it or storage for a business? I guess a car

I own a 70s classic car