Employer paying their rent?

Hi all

Been a landlord for a few years and got a new one on me.

Tenant credit checks failed for affordability and credit check. In discussion with them they said that his employee was planning to pay rent directly to us and be a guarantor. The credit check was explained as being about a previous failed business but that the ‘arrangement’ ends in two months.

I’ve checked our landlord insurance. The guarantor gets over the two issues but it just seems really odd.

Fishy? Or is this common and nothing to worry about.

Thanks for your help

Sorry. Typo. Employer would be paying his rent

Is the"employer "the Probation office and the person out on probation. I have heard of that

If he cant afford the rent then that arrangement wont last long. Tell him to find slmething more affordable.

Just do your due diligence on the company. Has it been trading long? Good financial status? Is it in fact “his” new business that he started when the old one failed?

If the company had been trading long and was stable, sure. If not, nope.