No hot water for over a month

So I moved into my flat just over a month ago. Only to find out on the first day that the electric shower unit does not work. There is no water coming out of the unit at all, hot or cold. Obviously I put on the complaint to the landlord who did send out an electrician to assess the issue, but the electrician only confirmed that the unit is not working but should still be under warranty. After 3 weeks my land Lord was able to get hold of the manufacturers of the unit who them sent out a technician to assess the issue, who then confirmed what the issue was with the unit, but could not fix it on site. A week later I received a new unit from a courier, but still no technician has come out to install the unit. But now it has been 3 different occasions that I have had to take off from work to allow access to the electrician, the technician and he at home to receive the unit from the courier, which has all cost me earnings lost as I get paid per hour. Earlier this week the direct debit for my first month’s rental came off and the landlord was paid in full.

My question is, am I jot entitled to a discount on my rent as I have not been able to shower for over a month and have to wash myself with a cloth at my kitchen sink? While I am fully aware it is not my landlords fault that the shower unit is not working, it is his problem and and it needs to be fixed.
I am also new to this country and do not know hoe to go about rectifying this issue.

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Speak to your local housing council. You are entitled to repairs on such things in a timely manner.
Unfortunately the process is likely to be delayed with covid.

What is your landlord saying? Have you made a formal complaint and included the exact amount of lost wages? Would you be comfortable with the landlord personally letting maintenance into your apartment, if that’s possible?

If the landlord is willing to let you out of the tenancy would you prefer to find another place to live? It may be worth requesting that you be let out of the lease as the landlord is unable to provide hot water.

There are few times you are legally allowed to withhold rent- buuuuut right now the eviction process is very very delayed so honestly you won’t be out of a home if you did.

Honestly this is why I don’t set up direct debits with landlords. I’m perfectly capable of setting a reminder of what day the rent is due and should anything go badly I’ve got the ability to rectify it.


As a landlord, I would make a good will offer if it was that long. Covid has affected many companies and things are taking an absolute age but saying that the above would still apply.

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Another point, don’t hold back on rents, things can be sorted amicably, did you have an inventory inspection and report to which you should have also checked against the list. This is a requirement for everyone’s security.

Also it seems as though the landlord did act for you but as I said in my last comment, Covid is horrendously delaying many, not all, requests. If people are not working, things cannot be actioned or made. Common sense applies, Ryan has a chip on his shoulder re Landlords which in the majority is totally unfounded. You cannot tar everyone with the same brush.

We are finding somethings are 1-2 months delayed which is why we hold stock. However, if the landlord only has a few properties they wouldn’t do this. The other thing you need to remember is contractors are very very busy and getting a return visit is somethings difficult.

It’s about he/she who shouts politely the loudest. Yours’s should be a priority.

One last thing, the landlord has a key, you do not have to be there, the landlord can arrange access with your agreement so you don’t have to lose income.

Hopefully all will be sorted soon but keep on top of it and good relationships with your landlord.

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To be honest it’s more about the inconvenience and my personal hygiene than the loss of income.

Just got a message this morning that the technician will be out on Monday (21 Dec) to fit the new unit. That’s over 40 days without a shower. I have taken your advice and asked the landlord to give access as I am now currently swamped with Christmas orders and will not be able to be home on Monday.

Thanks for all the advice.


You could ask your landlord for a discount on the rent and this would be reasonable. You would struggle to enforce this legally if he refused. Why did your landlord not attend for the electricians rather than you? It is not fair to make you take time off.


I hope it’s sorted now. I do think it’s fair to ask your landlord for a reduction next month due to the inconvenience.

You can’t force it legally, though, as David said.

Document what happened and hang onto it. Hopefully this is just a one time event but it is possible you’ve had the bad luck to get a poor landlord, so keep this for your records in case any other issues arise.

@David122 - not all landlords live locally to be able to. Otherwise I agree.

I accept that not all landlords live locally but as its their responsibility to arrange maintenance its tough quite frankly. They still have to legal duty to get the shower repaired even if the tenant refuses to be there so they either have to travel, (as I once had to travel from London to Bournemouth regularly) or make other arrangements. Those can include asking the tenant to let in the engineer, but they can’t force that.

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thereis one popular shower unit that you cannot take back to the shop. The manufacturer sends out an engineer who then orders a part and then comes back to fix it. When under guarantee. Thats accounts for the delay. If you can get a reduction off the landlord ,ask him.