Accepting DSS tenants?

My current tenants are moving on so I have put my studio flat up for let again. I have had a lot of people immediately inquiring if I accept DSS - and I actually have not previously given it much thought. I have checked with my mortgage provider and they don’t have a problem with it. I personally have no prejudice against it and as long as the rent is paid I do not mind how, but the fact that so many landlords won’t accept DSS makes me concerned that there must be some reason behind that. I would be happy to create equal opportunities but don’t feel like I could do it if it creates any extra stress for myself (such as if I end up having to deal with chasing things up from the council, I don’t want to take that on). I’m Interested to know if others accept DSS and why/why not, any previous experiences?

Hi Ceri2. There are two long recent threads on this issue which have a lot of landlords experiences on there and it would be better for you to have a search for those.
Good luck.

Thanks David - I have just found them, very useful!