'Respectable' tenants who turn out to be wrong 'uns

Hi. (First time post. Been a landlord with 2 London flats for a few years.)
I’ve been reading around the subject of DSS tenants (I’m considering one). It’s been very useful, with some clear lessons and steps of caution to take.
I noticed that there are, as you’d expect, lots of stories about dreadful DSS tenants (as well as mentions of perfectly good ones). But these horror stories (of councils too) do bias the argument, i think.
So I wanted to hear about experiences with initially model tenants who turn out to be a nightmare.
The point of this is simply to redress the balance.
Hope this might be useful.

There are multiple posts on this subject. Some of them with hundreds of contributions. Its probably better to read those than to ask everyone to start again.


We had a few sets who were in employment who turned bad. Gave all of them a chance, and that’s how we got re-paid.
Probably a few other factors came into play, so may possibly have turned out differently for someone else. (Being too soft with them, being long distance landlords I don’t think helped, although always did inspections)
Whatever their circumstances just make sure you cover all bases.