Adding a partner to the tenancy

If a tenant wants to move in a partner and wants this partner on the tenancy agreement because its proof of address so can be useful. How is this done via the Openrent system ? Does it need a whole new contract doing or can I edit the existing one to just add the partner ?

Yes, ia whole new contract is the cleanest way if you agree. You may be able to charge the tenant the costs if you use an agent

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New agreement is the best. I would not contemplate doing it any other way.


Follow-up question.
This has happened to me and I always prepare a simple deed of surrender to evidence the cessation of the prior tenancy. The deed states in plain English the reason for the surrender as a preamble:- ‘Whereas Tenant/s A wish to surrender their tenancy so that a new tenancy can be granted to A + B…’
Is this overkill?

No such thing as overkill in this business

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Yes, the existing tenancy would need to be surrendered before a new tenancy is created.