Advertising without permission


My X partner advertised one room of our house without my permission on OpenRent.
50% of house is legally in my name.
The house have a mortgage and I am not living anymore in there as she kicked me out.
Any legal advice?

you need to see a solicitor

I agree with Colin3. Incidently, if she does let the room, then the tenancy/licence would be valid, but you’d be entitled to half the rent. Your only option may be to force a sale of the property.

The appropriate advice depends on so many things that I think you need legal advice.
"She kicked me out " is unfortunately not very legally precise.

Important questions would be
are you still paying 50% of the mortgage and contributing 50% towards repairs etc
Depending on that answer you may be entitled to 50% of the rent.

It sound like you need to negotiate with your ex- wife . If that doesn’t work then force the sale and split the proceeds - or ask her to buy you out.

But near in mind , her taking a lodger may be advantageous to you - you don’t want her getting into arrears on the mortgage or the house being repossed.