Advice on dishwasher repair please


Please could you advise me on the below issue?

The tenant reported about dishwasher fault. I have booked an appliance engineer and paid them, who thought it could be a switch. Ordered the switch, didn’t work after replacing the switch, now they are saying that it could be board and gave me a quote to replace the whole boiler as I’ve asked them.

We advertised and rented with a dishwasher.

Could someone please let me know the time period that I need to fix the issue?

Many thanks.

just ASAP . They have a sink? Wash the dishes in that .


No particular time period. You’re clearly addressing the issue and the delay is unavoidable.


The engineer seems to be guessing what the problem is. If they install a new board and it still doesn’t work you will be out of pocket and left in the same position.They should test the appliance to confirm the fault and quote you the cost to put it right. Then you can decide if it is economically viable to repair or buy a new one.


Thank you for your response.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response.

As soon as the issue was reported, I got an engineer from one of the local appliances company, who investigate and said it could be on and off switch, which I ordered from NEFF and got it. Engineer tried with the new switch, with no luck, at this point, they suggested it could be board and advised to replace the dishwasher.

thank you.

i do not supply white goods . In my home when the washing machine stopped working i figured having had it for ten years if I got it repaired maybe something else would break , so better to buy a new one

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I have two dishwashers in my house. One is a Jean and the other a Colin ,.They have lasted for decades and not broken down

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Lol, like your humour Colin, that’s way it has lasted so long.

thank you all for your responses.