PAT Test appliance fail

Any info on this would be hugely appreciated.

My property has become an HMO due to change in local regs. (I have 3 occupants which is now an HMO in tower hamlets.)

The dishwasher and washing machine has failed the pat test - it states ‘failed leakage test’

The electrician doesn’t think this is repairable but he said check with manufacturer.

Has anyone come across this and did you have to buy new machines or how did you over come it. Machines were new in 2013 so not brand-new but have never been moved.

Obviously I want to meet any safety requirements but don’t want to waste a machine that’s decent if there’s a way to resolve it. Still trying to understand what the leakage means but electrician said he will send me a link.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Annette, I am both an electrician and a landlord. A leakage test measures the insulation resistance of your appliances. If it has become too low then your appliance fails. This could be due to worn out electronics, frayed cables or water ingress. As the dishwasher and washing machine both use water then water ingress is a likely cause. An appliance engineer could repair them but these are increasingly rare as replacing appliances is now cheaper than it was. You’re probably best off just getting new appliances.

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Thanks so much Andy that’s really useful. Must be very helpful being both electrician and landlord. I had an engineer out before I saw your message although I agree normally makes sense to replace - he fixed the washer dryer by replacing a cable. Dishwasher had to be replaced as had been leaking water and he said rusty inside etc. But interestingly he said it should have passed the pat test as he said reading was fine. But said anyway no good as too much water leaking etc and too expensive to repair. Do you think electricians machinery could have been faulty? Where are you based? Thanks again.

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