Amending a lease

Hi there,

I have two questions.

I am a landlord and have tenants that have gone through referencing. We are just doing the lease when I noticed the account the lead tenant had set up was the English version of her name which is spelt slightly different from the Polish version per her passport. She has amended her account however the lease still has her old spelling. How can this be changed.

Secondly the lead tenant failed the referencing I presume due to her low salary however her boyfriend who was the second tenant can easily be her guarantor. He passed as her guarantor and now the lease states she is the tenant and he is the guarantor not tenant. Should he be listed as a tenant as well as he will be residing t the property for the duration of the lease?

Many thanks for your help. Tammy

Hi Tammy, thanks for posting!

I can see my colleague George has already responded to your email regarding these queries. As the contract is still in the contract signing stage you are able to still edit it by logging on to your account. Your tenants will be notified of any changes and asked to sign again.

An applicant isn’t able to be a guarantor and a tenant at the same time. You might find our article on guarantors and their duties on our Help Centre helpful:

I hope this information helps, just let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Elinor