Amending comprehensive searches while in progess

Hello All,

I have one complication with comprehensive checks for tenants.

1)Tenant HR cannot open or access any third party or outside links to confirm salary, position, or all work related things.
Instead HR has given in writting about the tenant employment status in email PDF format on the company letter head.

  1. now tenant and landlord are confused how to approach this situation? Who to email or send supporting documents for verification?

  2. I had emailed to open rent about this topic, still awaiting response from them.

If anyone had faced same problem before, please do let me know, Quick and easy way to approach this situation. I will forward brief to the tenants.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

HR department can send docs to the tenant. Tenant can then give their own e mail address to the Open Rent or whoever, and get the documents to them that way. HR departments say they ‘don’t have the time to make an account with Open Rent or whoever in order to transfer the documents to a referencing company’, or they just don’t want to be helpful. Its bizzare because it looks like the tenants references are coming from the tenant themselves, well from their e mail address anyway. Worked for us though.

Thank you for your response. By the looks of it, tenants have already submitted the references, so they cannot change any email address to own personal.

I had emailed to open rent team to step in and help out. They had emailed me back saying, inform tenants to forward letter from HR to open rent team and they will forward it to relevant referencing department.

So we took that advice and followed that.

Thank you for all of your support and guidance.

Kind regards

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