An old tenant has created a company with my address

A tenant has created a company using my property address a month ago. The person has moved out of there over four months ago, so the company was created after the tenancy ended.
I contacted said tenant who told it was a mistake and came up with a lame excuse.
I now applied to Companies House to remove the address, but is there anything else I should be doing?

If you know their new address it may be worth filling in a.mail redirection form.then.any bills or whatever will get redirected to them also contact credit agencies have your name and address unlinked with that company incase it goes unto administration or anything

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I would inform companies house!

It shouldn’t cause you any problems in practice if its only the registered address, but its probably as well to ask for it to be removed.

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If I setup a redirection, it will seem as if he has access to that address, which is not correct. He didn’t have the right to use the address so should get access to the mail. I asked my current tenants to return it to sender.

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I’ve had this with a couple of sitting tenants despite it being prohibited by the tenancy agreement and having specifically spoken to them about it as they are self employed. Always some BS excuse. I give them a week to produce evidence that the the registered address is being changed at Companies House or tenancy will be ended for breach of terms. I was advised by a very experienced portfolio landlord to never allow it. Somewhat different with an ex-tenant and I am sure CH will help put things right. Keep us informed on progress please.

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Inform Companies House
You have to fill out forms

They will send correspondence to the address in name of tenant
When the tenant does not reply they set up a process and eventually all correspondence will cease

It’s a lot of red tape for you but worth it

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Thank you for your replies. First he was trying to get other residents to provide with the authentication code with the excuse that this was needed to change the address. We set the record straight and said that we are not allowing this as, once in possession of the code, this is evidence that they had access to that address.

I filled out the form with Companies House requesting the change of address but meantime, we also spoke to him on the phone, he admitted that, although not specifically dodgy, they knew it was wrong to use that address. We kindly requested that he changed it immediately and informed that all correspondence has been returned to Companies House.

The address was now quickly changed.

It is very frustrating that anyone can create a company with any address without scrutiny. The burden is on us to provide the evidence and this is stressful and time consuming. It is a type of fraud but Action Fraud is already inundated and they don’t want to know.

Thankfully my case was swiftly resolved because the other party was willing to collaborate and realised its wrongdoing, but in many other stories this is not as simple…