Any platform to notify landlords on bids

Hello there,

Summary: I was wondering is there a platform where tenants can actually submit their bids to landlords? Well, agents are very welcome to see the process etc as well!

The long story :slight_smile:
I found two properties right before the covid and I was ready to move. Arranged viewings etc, all went well.
The one I liked was overpriced (in my opinion), they refurbed the property etc but still was expensive.
As always, I kindly emailed the agent thanking for their time and listing all positive reviews with the negative ones, thinking this might help them for their next viewings.
Eventually I asked if they can ask landlord to take the price down £100 a month.

So, I just got a thank you response from the agent company, however, they never informed me if landlord say yes or no. It has been 3 months now and the price is actually £50 down from my asking price.

Now the agents called twice for me to consider the property. Landlord had to pay the mortgage themselves (I know this because agent told me:) thats why there were in a rush to rent this property asap). I told the agent twice that there is no way I’d work with them any more.
I really wanted to find out the landlord and let them know this. In the end, if landlord did never get my proposal this cost them at least £5700 :slight_smile: also, this made me find much better deal as well.

P.S.: I do not want to be misunderstood, I am happy working with agents but I’d love to register my house somewhere so that I’d love to get the bids directly from prospective tenants, I would also be very happy to agent add their comments which was visible to me.

Thank you!