Anyone else think "Rent Now" could be better?

So I’ve just gone through the “Rent Now” process (well, almost - only the first month’s rent that needs to be released to me from OpenRent now). And I was really expecting something a lot better for the amount I paid. So I thought I’d post some feedback.

I usually use the excellent GRL tenancy builder, with signable that is very flexible & fits almost every need you can think of. But this time I thought “it’s already there, all built in to a single platform, let’s try it out”. Expecting the level of control over editing the AST and each email sent to the tenant to be similar to usual.

But for some reason it gives me almost zero control over the process. I get some of the hard settings, such as holding deposit amount etc. but why do I have to manually write a clause to the AST explaining eg. that I’m paying certain bills, not the tenant? It should really be a tick-box option to add\remove common clauses.

And why don’t I get to preview & edit emails sent to tenants?

I’m afraid unless there’s a major upgrade, I’ll probably not be using “Rent now” at renewal or next tenancy - I’ll be going back to the GRL AST that has professionally written clauses better customised for my situation, rather than ones added by me (and frankly, a better all around standard base AST) & probably signable for the timestamped audit trail & full customisation it provides.

I’m really not sure why OpenRent can’t provide something of equal quality for the amount charged for using RentNow.

Seriously ? You are complaining about the cost ? Personally, I think what you get for your very modest fee for the Rent Now service is great.


No, I’m not complaining about cost - the price point is good. But the flexibility provided for that price isn’t, it really need not be more expensive to provide more flexibility to make it actually worth the extra money for the “rent now” part of the process though. As I mentioned, the GRL have a far better tenancy builder I’ve already got access too - the “rent now” process honestly doesn’t add much to that.

It really feels like a minimum viable product that forces me down a particular path in order to upsell OpenRent’s other offerings rather than a fully fleshed stand alone product.

As mentioned, I’m disappointed in it & won’t be using it again unless it’s substantially improved.

Before signing up to Rent Now you could view the model AST and see what you are paying for. You don’t have to use the tenancy and can provide your own. A bit of complaining about nothing here.


I did view it - but the advertising also mentioned it could be edited. I’ve also learnt more about good ASTs since using it. It’s really not top quality compared to those offered by landlord associations, in my opinion.

And I’m not complaining - just giving feedback. I’m sure OpenRent would like to keep getting my money, so it’s only fair to them that they know what types of services they’re competing against.

I just signed up for the rent now and you got me thinking is the open rent agreement legal then? The only thing I would change on it is to add a guarantor and could you tell me of its good for a property with no mortgage ?
Thanks for your help

Is this an advert through the backdoor? What’s your connection with GRL?


My only connection is that I’m a member - I had a look around at reviews of a few of them & the GRL & NRLA seem to have the best reputations.