Does anyone have any success using section 21?


Would anyone know whether;

  1. Landlords are still using section 21 to evict the tenants?
  2. Are they still being processed in court?
  3. What would the reason be for judge not granting in Landlords favour?

There has been talks for a long time that section 21 will be abolished and I am afraid to apply for it in case judges are refusing them because of all the media attention in the past 2 years.

Thank you in advance for replying.

S21 has not yet been abolished and is probably being used more than ever by landlords to evict tenants. There are many reasons why a judge would not grant in the landlords favour. To understand some of them, google “nearly legal s21 flowchart” and work your way through it.

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Hi David,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have gone though it and it looks like I can use it but was not sure whether the judges do not like them these days.
Would you know what is the success rate on them?

Judges have to uphold the law. If you get everything right first time, (often a tall order), the judge is compelled to give you a possession order. If you’re not confident of your ability to do this, then get the help of a housing solicitor or eviction company.


We recently received Order of Possession by S21. It took us 4 months from applying to getting the order. Currently waiting for bailiffs.

I’m a member of one of LL associations, where they give a comprehensive advice on how to fill the form and what the steps are. It’s always helpful to get a professional advice. However, joining one of LL association would be a much cheaper way to do it.


Thank you so much for info.

Just curious which LL association you suggest?

Every time I write the name in the post, my post is held for review, sometimes for a few days. So, I won’t be able to help, sorry.

google that question on the net

I have seen that as well . It is because that organisation is now in competition AND . you can phone up and speak to a human. Useful face to face meetings 3 or 4 times a year.

I have! Many times. It’s not so straightforward. I’ve contacted myself but they won’t even answer any questions about what kind of questions they can answer & information they can give without being a member in particular the NLRA

I found this thread: Are Landlord Associations worth joining?

And Colin you say this in reference to NLRA:

“a few years ago when they had face to face meetings . Great When amalgamation came along, they became Sellers of products . Dissapointing. . Advice is ok”

Many say they found it useless. Others point out regional ones that they are happy with.

In this thread many LL Associations mentioned nothing blocked.

I asked a simple question. Thanks for the help!

I like it for me

There are certaintly things I dont like about that organisation, but the documents and training courses are good and they generally keep you up to date with regulatory or policy changes. They also still meet face to face in local areas. On balance I think its still worth being a member.

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Do you feel there are better ones? What is it you don’t like about them?

I’m in a small seaside town so I won’t benefit from face to face but in any event on the thread, this is one of the complaints that they don’t do it anymore.

I have been to two meetings this year

Well, if you feel they don’t provide value, then it’s not for you. Hope you will find what works for you personally.

I’m happy with them and managed to conduct a legally watertight eviciton thanks to their help. Looks like our T’s solicitor couldn’t find a single thing in the documents or following procedures that would allow them to throw the case out based on technicality.

All for the cost of a yearly membership.

They are the largest with 100,000 members so are able to get some (very modest) wins on Govt policy. However, they are not very responsive to expressed member concerns in my view, sometimes just pursuing pet policies. Theyre large enough to commission webinars and written advice from specialist solicitors and their guides and model documents are good. Their advice service is very hit and miss and not much good if you have a very technical problem. Theyve just launched an online property management system thats free to members. I inderstand it also has an advertising and referencing portal much like Openrent, although Ive not used it.

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