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Awkward tenant situation

That’s nonsense Andy17. You can serve notice today. The stay on evictions is due to end 11 Jan.

David 22 really…

David 22

Hi Andy.

What you have copied clearly states s S21 can be served now as long as six months notice is given and that the six months ends on or after the original end date of the contract.

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Exactly! The notice can be served today with expiry in 6 months time.

Yes if u want try evict someone u can maybe serve it now but u have give 6 months notice from today not 28 days like some used to do. Its a different ball game and then u have to get into a court and im pretty sure the law will be extended to probably all this year and a judge will clearly be on the side of a tenant due to the situation. It’s not like before nowadays. But the original reply said the 11th of January the lift on evictions stops when clearly it says end of march at least this year.

Hi Andy.

These two dates refer to two different things.

Up until 28th March 2021 the notice period for S21 will remain at six months.

On the 11th January 2021 the ban on evictions ends. This means that if a LL served a notice six months ago they can now apply for an eviction subject to a Court hearing. If granted the eviction can take place from 11th January 2021.

You are right there is a back log.

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That maybe the case in writing lol but the post doesn’t mention they were served an eviction 6 months ago at all. And the replies say that u can just do one on 11th Jan which cleslry u cant as u need give 6 months notice as of now not 6 months ago. Also this ruling will guaranteed be changed by next week as this was made last year and now we are in yet another lockdwon so it will be extended no doubt for another period of time from 25th id put money on it. No government wants see anyone else on the streets during a pandemic so tenants will again be protected from some dodgy landlords and rightly so I say. As so.e try evict u over anything they can yet dont repair anything etc as on TV

Agree everything is subject to last minute change.

Any notice to quit that had been served prior with whatever notice period was required at the time can now apply for an eviction order if the date has passed and dodgy tenants are still sitting there refusing to move.

There are bad landlords and good tenants. But there are also good landlords and bad tenants. A landlord and the neighbours should not be expected to carry these people and put up with their properties being trashed forever. There have been plenty of excellent landlords who have lost everything, including their health, due to such people.

Think I have exhausted all explanations now.


Who protects landlords from dodgy tenants???


Well thats ur job to get references and do ur checks really id say.

We do that and then a tenant turns bad???

Well its the chance u take i suppose renting a property to a stranger. U can do ur checks and take a deposit but anyone can 3nd up on bad times in their life thru a death or woteva and thats ur risk when renting a property really. U take a deposit to cover a certain amount but the rest is just trust I suppose jist like us tenants have to trust our landlord repairs things etc and keeps the property up to scratch etc. Some do some dont same as tenants. If u have a bad tenant dont rent again really. Personally I wouldn’t rent my property out but its a personal choice and a lot do it for financial gain

of Course we do it to make money, You probably go to work to make money , and the owner of where you work makes money from your work… Profit is not a dirty word .We all do it.


Just curious as to why you wouldn’t rent your property out?

Hi Henry…Herewith latest ‘hot press’ update for Landlords looking to repossess during Covid crisis.

In a nutshell extended by 6 weeks but if your tenants have been in rent arrears for 6 months you can legally repossess.

Hope it helps.


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I wouldn’t personally rent my property out because if I did end up with someone trashing it or not paying rent etc for a long time then it would be a nightmare clearly. But I wouldn’t be doing it as a business it would be a home I pay mortgage on etc so I wouldn’t risk it myself id just sell on instead