Best Rental Flooring option

I am currently thinking replacing carpet living room to a wooden flooring but while there are cheap and expensive options I just want to ask experienced expert here what is the Rental friendly flooring that is most durable and doesn’t break your pocket.

there is such a range of laminate flooring there is no answer. In flats I always carpet for less noise apart from bathroom and kitchen

Well was going to make living room open plan with kitchen so probably will need wood flooring all together. I understand kitchen probably best with tile but for consistency reason will need some laminate flooring for the whole room.

Just out of curiosity though, what is a very rough cost range in terms of carpeting and flooring?

In our rentals, we have gone for luxury vinyl tiles that look similar to laminate but are more hardwearing and water resistant, so you can use it throughout the property including kitchens and bathrooms (with the exception of stairs and landing which we carpeted for noise reasons). Sometimes Wickes or B&Q do offers such as 4 for the price of 3 boxes etc. In terms of cost compared to other options, difficult to say; generally I think carpet is cheapest option as it’s also less labour intensive, but where we have renovated using LVT, it’s been a very good long-term option.

So when you say LVT is it peel and stick sort of thing or installation like laminate flooring?

It’s “click installation” so it’s clicking the LVT boards into place. Probably best to look at Youtube for examples.

Did you install it yourself? if not how much is the labour?

I use a builder although it looks ok to do it yourself (I stay away from DIY!). As a guide, in the most recent estimate I received, I was quoted £1600 labour to replace carpets with LVT in 2 bedrooms. It will be more for the whole property. Note that this is for a place in Battersea, SW London, so will be different depending on where you are.

so what is the size they are covering in sqm? and 1600 is just labour?

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