Best way to manage a shared tenancy?

I have a possible tenant who may want to share the 1 bed flat with a friend. Do I have each sign a separate contract? Can I do that on openrent? Thanks very much.

I would suggest a joint tenancy otherwise you will become responsible for the Council Tax. The other thing you should watch out for is if one of them additionally moves their partner in you will have an HMO on your hands.

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Thanks very much David though not clear on the council tax bit but will investigateā€¦

If you grant a tenancy for only part of a property then you retain the liability for the Council Tax under the Local Government Finance Act 1992. This will automatically be the case if you give them separate tenancy agreements as these will have to be room only agreements with a licence to use the communal areas, which you will also retain responsibility for cleaning and managing.

I see. Thanks very much. I understand now.

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