Can husband overseas rent for me?

Hello all. I have had great difficulty since I came back to England where I am from, in renting somewhere. Since my husband lives in France where he works and earns our money, I have no work history or professional income in my own name.
Is it possible for my husband to rent from France and pay and me to live in a property here in England? It will be a one year minimum. He has the income for it.
Alternatively is it possible for me to rent in my name but he pay the rent and it go off his income? Since he earns the money- but is in France. Please help! Thanks

Your husband is not around for a LL to pursue anything. And your address will not be his main residence either. Your best option could be finding a guarantor in UK with a fixed address and job/business. If you are financially sound then some LLs might be happy on upfront rent (e.g. year). But you would still need a guarantor as after a year later any LL will still need some form of guarantee and this can be overlooked sometimes.

Definitely need a UK guarantor, pursuing claims in France is a big unknown for many landlords