CCJ against tenant who damaged property

Hi Everyone
I have been renting my property to a couple i know personally, I used to work with one of them. They have lived in the property for 5 years, because I knew them well, I did not take a deposit, now that silly decision has come back to bite me.
They had to move due to their work moving sites, they left the property in rush and in a complete state. I have allowed for wear and tear, however they have damaged the bath, the hob, the cooker hood and fridge freezer.
Everything has now been repaired and I have a new family moving in, with a deposit, I found on Open rent. My question is should I take out a CCJ against them? They are already in a new property, they had to get a guarantor.
They have adverse credit from previous issues.
I have cut all ties with them, however I am not sure what to do. Help

Hi Everyone
Just an update, I emailed the tenants and told them I will be issuing a CCJ against them, if they don’t pay for costs of damages they caused. They have agreed to pay me.


Only a court can issue a ccj against someone so what you would be doing is sueing them for the damage, probably through MCOL.

This perfectly illustrates why landlords should NEVER LET TO FAMILY OR FRIENDS

Thank you David, please don’t use caps, its rude.

Its for emphasis, to express a point and very English