CCJ AND BAD CREDIT help and flat search

Hi my relationship has very recently ended and I need a flat for myself. Problem is my ex got everything in my name and well recently found out never paid back. I can potentially get a guarantor I know the importance of paying bills first. Is it best be honest at viewings and explain.and does anyone know of a landlord willing help in the Bolton area can afford around £500 a month.

So none of the bills were paid and in your name? Are there loans and credit cards too? You werent aware whilst living there that bills weren’t being paid, letters would have been sent to you as in your name?

You need to volunteer the guarantor and advise of your situation. You should also get a credit report for yourself if you don’t have one yet. Need to start sorting the mess out before it escalates.

You must be upfront, if you lie it will get discovered and you will lose your deposit.

As I work away alot the letters where never there as I was never told about them I didn’t know. Mainly credit cards store things n expired mobile phones. I know should of been more aware. I’ve contacted step change n already got value what I need pay. I’ll get a credit report n also guarantor I can get hold of.

It’s a fairly common situation, a lot of landlords will be sympathetic to your situation but you will almost certainly need the guarantor. A few thousand is probably not the end of the world, tens of thousands would be an issue. Evidence of rent being paid on time every time will help.


Yes can get that with my bank statements can see it every month. I’ll keep values to myself at the moment as my solicitor is having a look that they possibly help pay debt back not just all me as you can probably understand

I dont think you can expect a landlord to just accept your explanation on trust. I think you will need to gather evidence to back up your story.


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