CCJ and getting refused

Hi, we are a family of 4 and have been given 2 months notice by landlord due to them having a family issue and need to property back. We have always paid the rent on time over the 5 years we have been here but in 2019 I received a CCJ for reducing to pay a debt and its under dispute and am very confident it will be resolved with me winning the case. My question is, now that we have to look for somewhere else to live, the CCJ will show up on my record. I have a guarantor in place but will the landlord reject us outright?? It is a frustrating situation to be in. We are fantastic tenants. We have been renting for 12 years in total with a property previous to this.

Suggestion: when applying, state you are having to move due to your landlord wanting the place, then state you have a guarantor, thwn your particular needs. In the middle state you have an old CCJ that is being contested. At the end point out that the rent is 1/3 of your (net?) income. This sequence is important.

For your information, in a sample of just over 300 renters looking for another place, location not specified in the Which? article I read, 2/3 gave up looking after 6 months mainly due to the rent being asked for was too high for them.

You probably already knew there is a shortage of properties to rent, and decisions are being made within two weeks of a property going on the market, so good luck in finding a place that you can afford.

I cannot give an opinion on what Landlords think or what advice they may give you: I am what is nicknamed “an accidental landlord”. However, having studied the situation carefully over a 4 year period, I would anticipate an automatic rejection the moment a CCJ is mentioned, hence to save both parties wasting their time, make a brief clear statement that you have one that is being disputed, but bury that statement between what they want to hear: you have backing, and you can afford it.

Good luck

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Where in the country are you

We’re in Headcorn, Kent. Have rented for 10 years in this county.

Thank you for your reply and advice! I viewed a property this morning that has been on the market for 3 months. The price is probably too high for some, as per what you said in your reply. We can afford it but won’t jump just yet.

look at this or similar

youcan apply to have a ccj set aside or if you pay off in full in 1 month it doesn’t show on your credit record.
If i were you i’d try to get a clean bill of health. It will save you in th elong run

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Ah ok. I have a 3 bedder coming up but we are Gtr Manchester.

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I’ve just paid it off in full (4 days before the deadline) but am still going ahead with the dispute as I feel I have been forced into paying because I’m desperate to get this ccj removed. Do you think it will be erased by the time I find a place and need to be referenced? Thanks.

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i am not a lawyer. You have done what you can
Call the relevant court. They might be very helpful. Well done.

I am not sure what the rules are, but maybe worth contacting the credit reference agencies to find out if it can be removed.
Good luck with everything.

It’s irrelevant.

Get a clear receipt for the debt repayment and show prospective landlords the CCJ is historic, and resolved / cleared. Include the receipt and explanation in your application.

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Anyone with a CCJ has put someone at great stress and made the debtors life a misery.
I do not touch anyone with a CCJ with a barge pole.
Its strange how the creditor always blames others rather than themselves.


@Leslie1 I had a CCJ for not paying extortionate poll tax in the 80s when I was 18. It was mine and many others lives in misery. The tax crippled many, myself included and was promptly scrapped.

There are many reasons why people get CCjs, not always their fault or without good reason. One half of a couple can get the other is a right mess. I don’t think anyone who got a CCJ from Wonga would’ve made anyone’s life’s there a misery.

Imagine a scenario where you’ve quite comfortably paid all your bills for the past how many years and then you are made redundant and find yourself unable to pay off the credit card or whatever as you have been unable to find a job that pays the same.


I also don’t touch ccj with a barge
Poll , either they are careless with money or a couldn’t care less attitude,
Remember reading during lockdown that only 2.75% of people with Cjjs were through no fault of there own , rest was self inflicted.

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Mine never went to court. It was for £300 car finance that was written off but when a different company took over they reinstated it, they slapped a ccj on my record until it was resolved or disputed by my myself. Guilty until proven innocent in this case. 10 years and we’ve always put rent and council tax first. Never missed a payment.


Like most responsible people I paid my poll tax and I never run a credit card bill that I cannot pay, its called living within your means. I have been very poor with nothing but always managed to pay my way until I worked my way into a better life. As Jason says, CCJ’s are 99% self inflicted.

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No one can just slap a CCJ on anyone, the process is long and involved. You will of had the opportunity to plead your case to a judge who will of made the decision.

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Well done. what you need to understand is that a sudden change of circumstance can turn things upside down. For example an 18 year starts an apprenticeship and gets paid a small modest wage, just starting out and no support from family, the government then introduces poll tax which wipes out a vast amount of that already small pay.

Someone has a marriage break down leaving someone in a mess. IE partner walks away and leave other one with the other 100% of costs.

It’s clearly not just the irresponsible. I agree perhaps the majority is but not all. Would be good to see the actual figures.

In one of your threads you mention it’s a shame everyone gets tarred with same brush.

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No, never happened. I never went to court. It was a month of phone calls back and forth to the company who said they had written it off and then 6 months later under a new name, they wanted the money. I refused and disputed it over another month but in the mean time, a ccj was issued. You really need to educate yourself on the reasons and how ccjs are issued etc. Never missing a month’s rent in 10 years needs to count for something.

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CCJ stay on credit file for six years, however I’ve just googled, and found this…

Can a CCJ be removed from a credit file?

If you pay the CCJ in full within a month of the judgment, you can apply to have the CCJ removed from the public register and from your credit file.

To do this, you need to apply for a ‘certificate of cancellation’ from the County Court hearing centre which issued the judgment, providing them with proof of payment. You do this using court form N443 Application(PDF) for a certificate of satisfaction / cancellation.