Challenge inspection report

Hi all,

I’m new here and wondered if anyone has any advice on how to challenge an inspection report done by a third party company but arranged through OpenRent.

I wonder if OpenRent holds any responsibility in resolving the dispute between landlord and the inspection company, or has any complaints procedure in place?

How do landlords go about it if you don’t agree with inspection results?

I have contacted the inspection company and requested them to present their reasons in writing to me but haven’t heard back from them. However they insisted in me to call them and talk over the phone, which I’m not keen as I want things in writing. Do they have a duty to provide their explaination in writing? Can I complain if they don’t, and to whom shall I complain?

Any advice highly appreciated.


I used an inventory company from OpenRent.
Really rude, incompetent and never did get my money back. OpenRent did not help me but that was some time ago.

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Thanks for replying. That’s a shame OpenRent did not hold any responsibility in resolving disputes like this. It still doesn’t today. They have come back to me and suggested to contact the third party company directly, which isn’t helpful at all.

I’d forgo purchasing services from OpenRent in the future.

Good luck to everyone

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Hi Serena, it isn’t clear what the issue is with the inspection report, is it something written in the report that has been recorded incorrectly, or a problem with the process itself?

I have used the inventory services from Openrent many times (probably 20+) and I haven’t experienced any issues. The inventory clerk for my “area” is usually the same person and he’s always prompt and polite. The service is perfomed by a company called MI Services, so Openrent don’t directly get involved once the inventory service has been paid for, since the inventory company is technically not part of Openrent, it is a separate legal entity contracted via Openrent which is why you won’t get far by complaining to Openrent. Generally any changes / challenges to the inventory report (such as the condition of something) are notified to MI Services directly via email and their office have been relatively quick to respond and make any necessary amendments. You can also call them directly and speak to someone. Assuming it is MI Services that did your inventory report, you should be able to get their contact details on google. Hope that is helpful and hasn’t put you off booking services through Openrent.

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Hi Mita

Thanks for replying. I challenged the company directly and they amended the report in the end. So, am not complaining now.

Guess we’ll just have to stand up for ourselves to avoid being manipulated as they wish.

All the best to all