Disappointed with the Inventory Check-In Service

Feel super disappointed of the inventory service purchased via Openrent, don’t recommend to anyone. Paid £100+ and got a report which was discovered later as including an incorrect electricity meter due to the clerk didn’t know the correct location of the meter and took a photo from wrong meter, resulting final reading is lost and became very hard for me / tenant to split the bill. Raised to the provider who was not willing to take the ownership of error or assist. Extremely unpleasant experience.

lesson here is check everything yourself and write into your diary . Got it forever then.

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Agree. First time using the inventory service, didn’t expect it can be this bad considering the price they charged & services as advertised.

We used this too a few years ago and agree wholeheartedly about how appalling it is. It was unusable. Never got a refund either and very rude man. Shame Open Rent have not done anything to rectify this unacceptable situation.

Would never purchase third party services anymore from anywhere.

I now find my own.

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