Comment response to post 'Tenant Died in occupation'

Continuing the discussion from Tenant died in occupation:

Sam has closed my previous topic without allowing a fair opportunity to respond to your post Oliver1, so here it is.

Perhaps I should expand on my earlier post and then you can reconsider your unfounded accusations and insulting assertions regarding my ethics and character.

We most certainly are not “trying to take advantage of his death”, as you so contentiously alleged, and I find your contemptuous comment abhorrent, and more of an indication of your mind-set than mine.

Responsibility for the dilapidations at the termination of this tenancy is no different to any other case, and his death has absolutely no bearing on our assessment of liabilities. The issue of this refurbishment goes far beyond what you imply constitutes periodic maintenance / normal wear & tear, and I resent the totally false and unfounded accusation that I am using his heavy smoking as “an excuse”. It is an indisputable fact, which you would appreciate if you had any understanding / experience of extensive nicotine damage. I would suggest you reserve future comment until you are fully availed of the actual circumstances.

You chose to ignore the fact that we completely refurbished his flat 5 years ago, entirely at our expense, including his nicotine damage, in order to make his remaining days more comfortable, knowing full well that we would eventually have it all to do again.

What action would you suggest we should have taken against this old gentleman of ill health “prior to his death”, as you advocate, a callous eviction from a home he was content in or a pointless and stress inducing demand for reparations? I sincerely believe our handling of the situation was far more compassionate than your presumed alternatives.

We went out of our way to ensure his peaceful and comfortable enjoyment in his waning years. He was regularly checked on, shopping fetched for him when he was housebound, and ambulances called when he was bedridden, which thankfully allowed him the dignity of dying with care and comfort in hospital instead of alone in his flat.

Yet somehow you / Sue3 / Burning appear to have formulated an opinion that I am some self serving, uncaring, avaricious and unethical individual. Kindly explain the grounds for your character assassination, and what exactly it is you find unethical? Read post #7 of the earlier post before responding.