Complaint about landlord

I recently expressed an interest in a rental property, was told it wasn’t fit for viewing and would be informed when it was. I had an email this morning that said it had been let - have I been too slow, or stitched up,or is this a mistake?

Stitched up? Did LL take money from you?

Your message would be one of many, not all people who make enquiries will get chance to view, it’s simply not practical, so you’ve possibly been too slow or LL preferred other enquiries, or they may have let it to a friend at work IE elsewhere.

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Probably because someone was already in the process of renting and now it’s complete. Just an educated guess though…

I was told the property was not fit for viewing due to a swarm of bees in there - once they were gone he said he’d contact me and we’d set a viewing up - the next thing I know the property is let and I hadn’t heard anything from him whatsoever

There’s nobody renting the property - I did send LL a message asking him to contact me as soon as possible regarding this, he messaged me this morning saying he wouldn’t be giving me a viewing

It can take weeks/months before a tenant moves in.

You won’t find a satisfactory answer. Just keep searching

get over it and move on

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