No property viewing

I have been following a property for months, I requested endless viewing with replies of ecxuses all under the sun. Then she took it off open rent saying it was taken. Then later that evening it was put back up, once again I requested viewing, 1st excuse was tenants still in, then once I knew they were out I messaged the landlady again, her reply was waiting on keys for the weekend, then several days later again I messaged her, it was again waiting for keys on another weekend, once weekend came along I asked again she replied it needs a refresh of paint and then she’ll do viewings, and today I just been notified that the property has been let. Surely there must be some open rent rule that if a landlord/lady has been in continous contact with a possible new tenant, that we should be notified or given an opportunity to view? Just seems landlords these days play like a godness role, knowing full well that tenants are in desperation. Just losing all hope with humanity and people taking my politeness and kindness for granted. I’ve been reaping so bloody much this past year, yet I have to see any sowing and good luck luck coming my way.
Rant Over.