Having Trouble Getting in Touch with Landlord


Ive been trying to get in touch with a landlord regarding a property in Chelmsford but so far have gotten no reply

Initially I opened a query nearly 3 days ago and followed up with a message the next day saying I wouldn’t be near a phone for a certain period in case the landlord tried to call then. Following that over 48 hours after the initial viewing request I requested a follow up on the late reply but still have had no word from the landlord.

What should I do in this event as its a property I would still be very interested in seeing but I have a very limited amount of time before i’ll have to decide on a place before i start work.


At the start of your query I thought you were a tenant wanting to contact your landlord, that would of been a much more concerning situation. If your just looking for somewhere new to live and your running short of time shop around. You might like the property but it’s not worth missing out on other chances. The landlord may by just busy, away, or the property might be let and he’s just a bit lax in letting others know. Put the ball on your control!!!