Converting Bedroom 1 to 2

I have actually changed around layouts on lots of my flats, moved kitchens, shower rooms , never asked anyone and 10 years on well no one really cares. mind you I have owned the whole block freehold and have done the work properly. if you have got the council involved and you dont have the freehold that may well alter the dynamic. Its hard to get a straight answer out of councils and they usually hide behind the apply and we will consider …
the council will have minimum room spaces though and I suggest you at least look at this first, oh and whatever you do avoid macerators they are such a pain

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Well if yours is freehold and don’t need anyone else’s permission then that is a different story.

Actually it seems people are working quite efficiently, i asked the people who looks after the block then it goes to the surveyor and then they inform me they arranged meeting with the landlord to get consent etc. I know it might not be possible but worth to have a try. At least some of my other stuff might work such as hide pipe into the wall. or move my separate toilet into the bathroom etc.

what is the issue with macerator btw?

Lessees may have something to say about it. Especially those underneath it. Consider the layout.

Macerators block easily, can overflow. It is always the landlords responsibility to fix and when they go wrong it’s urgent. Costly to fix and inconvenient.

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landlord as the leaseholder or the landlord landlord?

Landlord as in leaseholder

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Did you ever hear back from the council?

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