Copies of gas safety certificates

Hi, I saved my gas safety certs on my laptop and this has been damaged to the point of not being able to retrieve any info from it. I am going to start the eviction process for my tenant in a few weeks and will not be able to get the hard copies from her as our relationship has broken down completely.

I was wondering if Gas engineers register the reports so that I can request copies of them as I can no longer get on touch with the engineer for the copies I do not have which includes the first one before tenant moved in?


I don’t believe the reports are registered anywhere, but its possible you may be able to get copies if the engineers have kept them. The critical one is the first, from before the tenant moved in. After that, the last one.

Do you have no back-up regime for your business?

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There is no requirement for a gas engineer to register the certs. They tend to keep them to cover themselves, worth asking the question.

Tried a data recovery expert? A word of warning if you are planning to do this stop using laptop immediately.

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