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Council assisted

Well well I’m surprised to learn that Local authorities offer financial assistance to tenants that want to rent in the private sector- people who are tenants that also own overseas properties are eligible I find this disgusting when there are genuine homelessness cases here in the uk- since when did we pay for these who aren’t really in need- also they advise non cooperation with section 21 it’s just another kickin the teeth for private landlords


Our tenants owned and rented out property in their home country and got awarded UC!

One of the questions is do you own property. Assumed they lied as how can the DWP check up.

One rule for one and another for someone else.

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Of course they’ve lied they’re from Zimbabwe so not much chance of checking- it’s an appalling system which tax payers are paying for-& uncooperative tenants really “have the whip hand” in the words of a wise politician from back in the day.

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