Credit checks on Guarantors

I’m going to rent a room in a private student accommodation block in Leamington Spa for my son who is a Warwick Uni student. We started the Referencing process with OpenRent and my husband put himself down as a guarantor & provided ID & other personal details. Next he found himself on a web page of, because OpenRent delegate the Credit Search for them to do. Truelayer asked on the screen to give them permission to look at our bank account to see transactions and balances. They requested our bank sort code & account number. We don’t feel comfortable doing that as you are always told not to give your bank details to anyone. I rang the bank about it and they said they can’t guarantee this is safe and it didn’t sound like they heard about such a request before. Can anyone give an advice about this Credit Check process ? about truelayer ? can anyone from OpenRent advise me as I can’t find a tel no for you to ring ?

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