New selective licensing


I need to apply for a selective licensing from August, this required EPC to be submitted, I don’t have a hard copy but found the certificate online through EPC register,
Does anyone have any idea how I can get a copy? There’s no option to download or print? Just a link, not sure if I can forward the link?
Once you apply for the licence if there’s any mistakes they’ll keep the fee and you have to pay and start again hence me wanting to do it properly in one go, any advice will be appreciated, thanks,

I printed off a copy. Site says you are able to save and/or print a copy, so don’t know what’s going wrong for you.

There is an option to download, have another look. Anyone can download an epc for any property in England

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I’ve looked so many times, unless I’ve missed it, maybe I’ll look again using laptop as I’ve been looking on my phone and not found any options,

I must of missed it although I’ve tried many times? Maybe try on laptop,

Go to then on the left select “retrieve report using registered address” click through and you get to a page where you select "click to view report (PDF)

You can only see the report as pdf so then just download