Damages by Tenants

I sent you a message not long ago still awaiting a response haha

Hi @Colin3

My partners parents reported us to social child services for neglect and lied about it. it was later found out that she was lying and closed the case.

We tried this and even they was Stumped without a Guarantor im pretty much screwed. I have literally the money and the references from police officers ex employers and personal references.

No luck i just dont understand it. Bad credit due to a ex which has been paid off. i just struggle at the minute.

I remember. Think you asked which area I I was in ?
I did reply via forum that we only have one property which is already tenanted.

Oh @Mr_T it came up on the post not on a message weirdly enough,

I just dont know what more i can do its been 5 months and my partner wont let me see them until this is sorted because of this silly virus. She has a 85 year old vulnerable nan who lives with her too

Do you have a support worker for yourself? (Separate from the allegation)
Refer yourself to adult services ?

Not as easy as that. its the matter of a massive waiting list ive spoken to them i dont want to give her family ammunition to throw back at me.

You definitely need support from somewhere.
Not a bad idea from Colin though?

No of course not but then its waiting i have way too much pride to be contacting adult services. I have only ever done it on my own. just wish some landlords would be more chilled i appreciate there worried about some tennents but its them what put us in predicaments like this.

Not the landlords i mean the bad tennents,.

Yes unfortunately it is and then the law let’s them down too and won’t protect them against rogue tenants.

Can understand your reluctance, I wouldn’t like it much either if I’m honest.

Because there’s limited supply think Colin is right that those with key workers are going to get priority.

Are you not under a hospital consultant or CPN or anyone in a professional capacity?

We tried the councel too and because my partner lives in luton they couldnt help they said they would make her go back to Luton and get support there

I am on a waiting list for a specialist about my medical situation but with the virus the 12 weeks expanding alot longer.

Sure. Can see anything will take time.

Ive tried everything estate agents websites facebook groups Openrent councels and getting no help and its really upsetting.,

It’s meant to be confidential. You don’t have to tell your partner even.

I dont keep secrets thats the thing my relationship is 100% open i want whats best for my daughter and fiance. and i feel like until i get them here im failing them

It sounds an absolute nightmare and sounds like you have tried just about everything.

See the issue we have is my mum loves them girls to bits and if we didn’t have bad neighbours and the space they would be here but we just cant do it which is really upsetting,

They know of your medical condition so if by telling the family of any help you are receiving is going to be used against you surely by keeping some aspects confidential you are protecting your family. Ideally, it might not be the way you would like things to be, but sometimes have to make decisions for what will be the best outcome and that will not cause harm or distress to others.

I know about dysfunctional families unfortunately