Damages by Tenants

Its awful they tried to break us up soo many times. like they just control her daughter and
because she grew a backbone when we got together they didn’t like it. and blamed me. Like her mum would take 500-600 rent from her monthly out of the money she got and she told me about it and she kicked off cos they was basically exstroding her out of her money.

My fiance and my family get on really well and want this move to go quick do you know how long roughly it takes from a Buyers solicitor to get it all signed off?

Yes it’s not right.
Let us know if you have news on Monday about the flat.
Just going to walk as not been outside yet today.

If anyone else on here has any ideas?

Cheers mate all the best with the awful tennents and hopefully u get the issue rectified its awful especially with great landlords like yourself.

Think as Colin said before it can be fairly quick or it can get drawn out.

Keep asking I guess.

Thank you. Good night

I suppose so take care Night.

If you are claiming benefits, have you considered paying your rent directly to your landlord? we have 2 of our tenants who have set this up. It protects both us and them. I can’t see why UC wouldn’t agree as you do have health issues. Cost nothing to find out. Good luck.


Re tenant damage.

If on an inspection or on a call out and the repairs are urgent, this will depend on a couple of things;
, firstly always take photographs of the damage or excessive wear and tear (and always back these photos up). If you do repairs yourself work out your materials and costs and give the tenant a quotation in writing to repair or replace. Alternatively and in addition you could get a contractor to provide a quotation. Now it depends on the damage. If it’s something that can be lived with , like a carpet and the tenant is leaving in a few months then you could wait until the end. If it was a cooker or alike, then you could remove these if they didn’t want to pay or have it disconnected for safety reasons until resolved (I’m taking about damaging the cooker rather than it breaking down).

Should the tenant agree to pay costs but wish to have it taken out of their deposit then you need to take a view. Are they likely to do other damage or leave the property not in the state you handed it over? Either present them with a bill and 14 days to pay, if a contractor is used get agreement for them to pay the contractor direct; if you feel happy to leave it to the end of tenancy YOU MUST write to them stating they have agreed to do this and then ask them to counter sign and return the agreement (send two copies one for them and yourself.

If the tenant is willing to pay but a bit short on cash, do the above admin suggestions and offer a schedule of payments over and above the monthly rent until paid.

At the end of tenancy you do not want any issue of “I didn’t agree to that”. So in writing every time.

Remember, you cannot claim expenses against your profit where the tenant contributes part or all to costs

The key to having a harmonious tenant relationship is communication, verbal, written and punctual.

Thank you Brian.
I had forgotten what my original post was!
That’s good to know, I was worried if presenting them with a bill if it would fall under some prohibited fee or something of the like.
Best wishes

Hi. I have had tenants who have caused damage to my properties which I generally find on an inspection . I offer them two options . 1 they have two weeks to find a tradesman to put the damage right and I will be back at the end of two weeks to check the work has been done or I will arrange to get a contractor to fix the damage and they must pay the tradesman Immediately or I will provide the tenant immediately with a section 21

Thanks for replying Geoff.

No messing about, need to learn that.

I think you need to be firm with people and not confrontational. My experience is that some tenants test the water to see what they can get away with and if their successful then the rent becomes irrational and all sorts of issues happen to which they are very good at saying your responsible.
If you stick rigidly to the terms of the tenancy agreement then you won’t go far wrong and if the STA isn’t providing the clauses you want to cover events b like maintaining the garden to a high standard and internal decor etc then make an additional agreement Stating additional terms if the tenancy. Provided they sign it under a heading that they “agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein” and you must provide them with a copy then there’s no argument should events take a turn fir the worst.

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Yes you are absolutely right. If everyone stuck to the AST there wouldn’t be a problem.
They do test the water and push the boundaries. That is where we are now. Did a lot for them in the beginning and it’s coming back to bite me. Best not to get involved but easy to slip into when you want them to be happy in their home.

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If its during the tenancy then ask the tenant to either fix it themselves or pay someone to do it.

If they agree and do a shoddy job you can either tell them it needs doing properly or that you will have it done and send the bill.

Alternatively you can wait and see what its like at the tenancy end and use deposit but that has its problems.

  1. Knowing about something and not doing anything is acceptance.
    Of course a longer term tenant it may not matter so much if jobs were needed anyway.

You will likely have hassle if you insist on payment.