Declined after viewing [Other]


I attended a viewing for a lovely flat and expressed as much interest as possible at the viewing to the landlord as well as answering any questions about income, living situations etc.

Given the frenetic market I wanted to make it clear that I was more than happy to provide any references as soon as possible to the landlord, but they just said to think about it and send a message on ORrent once sure of the decision.

I sent the message as soon as the viewing was over as I was so happy about the place and the landlord seemed also very pleasant (which I let them know during the viewing).

This morning though I got just an automated rejection due to ‘other’ as a reason. No actual message from the landlord. I can’t clarify with them what went wrong as messaging is no longer allowed, I assume to protect landlords from any harassing. However, shouldn’t there be an option where the rejection is further clarified and not just set as ‘other’?

Thanks for your inputs!

There are lots of people looking, LL simply preferred someone else. Get over it and move on. Putting a reason only exposes them to risk, always better to say nothing.


Its likely that you and a dozen other people were all very good prospects, so it could just be bad luck. Random. Dont take it petsonally.


Hi Graham, thanks for your answer. Yeah, definitely getting over it as such is life. My question was more geared towards the platform declining options for the sake of transparency and communication, especially after a viewing which usually implies a preliminary screening process by the LL.

the platform does not decline options, it gives the landlord the opportunity to give you a message, but why should they? it opens up a whole pandoras box of legal troubles. landlords will act on completely subjective criteria that one person will think totally unfair. e.g. in my case I rent out a flat that should really be low income families but I generally prefer foreign students. I get a lot of e.g. poor single mothers applying, what you want me to tell them, I prefer foreign students from rich families?

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I have received in the past declining options from LLs related to unsuitable moving dates etc so I’d say it’s an option on the platform. It should definitely be a LL prerogative to rent to who they find more suitable (hopefully without discrimination), but I assume then in your case you wouldn’t even offer a viewing to any tenant not matching your screening criteria.

The question is, once the viewing has happened etc, shouldn’t there be a clearer declining path so that tenants can also learn from this for future applications and again for a better experience in these times where there’s an all around struggle in finding/letting properties?

I’m just thinking in terms of transparency and human decency, as with a job rejection after an interview everyone would appreciate the feedback. But yeah I guess avoiding giving a reason or having an open communication is often the easiest way out.

In reality it comes down to “I’ve decided to proceed with another applicant”. Its very difficult to give feedback, as sometimes my decision may just be based on a hunch.

As a landlord, I’ve had 5 viewings in one day, with all wanting it, and in reality I had no reason to decline any of them, but I had to make a decision. One person happy, 4 dissapointed.


I never give a reason after a potential tenant threatened legal action after I said his income was nowhere near 30 times monthly rent .
I decided then and their not to give reasons as you just open a can of worms.
My insurance company also said not to give reasons !


Absolutely and I get it, it’s just helpful for someone to even know this kind of thing: it wasn’t anything to do with affordability, employment or living situation, I just had to go for an earlier applicant etc. Thank you for giving me your POV anyway!

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That’s not great of course and sorry you had to go through that. In this blog I just see lots of people being turned down for a variety of reasons, affordability often being one of them, but I don’t think everyone is able to bother with a legal suit so not sure it’s the norm. But again that was a bad experience for sure so I get your point.

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What no one wants is a back and forth “discussion” Espec. if landlord has had many applicants . It could get slangy… I usually say sorry i cannot help you


What is POV ? Could you let me know !:grin:

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Point Of View .I think that is it

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Ahah thanks Colin, yeah that’s it!

Thank you for this, however funnily enough the property is back and available on open rent now without any chance to message the LL and/or send the references we could have provided after the viewing.

I still feel in this case more context should have been given or even something on the line of “I simply don’t like you”. Which is again, fair enough :sweat_smile:

It would be difficult to tell someone they have rejected them because they don’t like them.

There could be no end of reasons…. Job stability, income, tenancy length required, age, one of my criteria is I need to feel that I could get things resolved reasonably when there’s an issue - so good communication.

As previously mentioned giving a reason can leave the landlord exposed if the tenant wants to be unreasonable.

When I have an application fail I contact second and third choices etc.


Absolutely, but we offered to provide all references to validate what we have said at the viewing (jobs, income, habits, matching moving date etc) and also to ensure transparency in the communication.

So I’m struggling to understand what did we do wrong, honestly as a learning lesson for the future in terms of what LLs want to hear.

You should have taken with you last 6 months bank statements with you - pay slips - work address - or you could still send these .
This would show you are genuinely Keen and you are flexible in approach about your affordability if he has any queries.

As a landlord they are concerned your earnings as utilities bills are really very expensive now a days. Plus food on top etc etc .

Yes we tried to do this, offering to send the LL all documents on the spot but they said to only think about and send a message on Open Rent if interested.

I know there are a lot of people trying to apply for properties above their means but that is not really my approach, I actually try to go for flats that I have already budgeted for (rent, council tax, average utilities etc)

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I had a viewing and I liked the place so much and expressed my interest in the flat. My application proceeded to the referencing stages and everything seemed to be going OK. I even got an email that I’d be registered for the council tax and water etc. The broadband was set up. Then boom! “The landlord decided not to proceed with your application” with no further explanation. My heart is still bleeding.