Defaulting tenants

It has taken me 7 months to evict my tenants Chicco and Chantal Merighi for rent arrears. I cannot emphasise the importance of ALL the boxes being ticked. If you cannot obtain landlord insurance walk away unless they pay in advance. References from accounts and employers are worthless

Do you mean references were faked?

The references were not accurate. Written by accountants claiming their good financial standing/income / character etc.

It sounds like you have accepted tenants who claim to be self certification as if that’s the case then you should be looking for their P 45 and/or P 60 to identify earnings and doing a credit check accordingly and then possibly getting guarantors which would’ve been an appropriate preventative measure

Self certification is rubbish. If self employed should have yearly accounts, I am S E for 50 Years. no need ask accountant. See their Balance sheet.!!! If they dont have one or are too “new” in S E be very carefull .I can remember how hard it was for me when I started off

Sadly spot on. Was way too naive

Indeed and have paid the consequences. I have warned Openrent should Chicco or Chantal Merighi revisit. Thanks for response

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James 33 We have all been there ! I too was like that now I have swung the other way and take all i am told with a pinch of salt unless proved fully otherwise

No just to trusting, most of us are until we get done over, its all about the learning & that never stops

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