Difficult landlord

Hello, my partner and I are currently private renting, and have been in the property for 7 months now. Our rent is always paid on time and the landlord has been around the property a few times and said he’s really happy with the cleanliness and how we are taking care of his property. Anyway, he lives reasonably nearby and keeps driving past the house, and he’s not afraid to make it obvious. He even called us once (during the winter) to ask why the windows weren’t open. It feels like an invasion of our privacy.

He has recently also undertaken work on the exterior and knocked down the chimney that has caused us a lot of loss/ damage to our personal belongings due to mould/damp, as well as our time constantly cleaning mould (on a daily basis). Anyway, he has now decided to store all of the bricks (over 300) and piled them in the garage. Not without asking if he could store them there (we have more than a big enough garden for them to be stored in) or without considering the fact that I sometimes park my car in there. He also texts us a day before to say he will be coming round. Not to ask if a certain date or time is convenient for us. I was working from home during the week, and I was aware he was due to come round on a certain day. But when he arrived, instead of knocking on the door and letting me know he was there, he just let himself through the garage into the garden and then knocked down our front wall (without telling us, then said it won’t be getting rebuilt). We have not complained once to him, but he is starting to test our patience. Are we being unreasonable? There are plenty more things I could mention too, but the list would be too long. Thanks for reading.

He has no right to do any of that and I would write him a very polite letter setting some boundaries and asking him to remove the bricks from the garage. Its possible he will not take kindly to this and will seek to evict you so you may have to be prepared to find somewhere else to live.

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You should consider reaching out to Shelter/citizens advice or even looking into working with a tenancy specialist solicitor if you have the funds.

Mold, due to his actions/property, is a health hazard that’s taken very seriously. He may owe you compensation for the damaged property.

It’s possible that calls like the one you describe count as impacting your private enjoyment or even harassment.

@David122 - And, of course, the eviction process can take quite a while and evicting for asking for things like repairs and maintenance is illegal. So while they should be prepared to recieve a notice - they should even more be prepared to find out their legal rights.

I dont disagree with that @Ryan42 but the revenge eviction legislation is very specific and wont necessarily apply here. Also if the tenant wants to avoid being taken to court and having to pay the landlords court costs, they may need to move within 2 months.

‘Quiet enjoyment’ is the phrase you need…

“The right to live in your home without disturbance”
Understand your tenancy rights - Shelter England

All good comments above so wont add any further. He sounds like a nightmare landlord and if I were you I would consider finding somewhere else to live


Not at all are you beingg unreasonable, hes crossing lines and im sure breaking landlord laws ha ha defor contact shelter