Dirty washing machine

Hi, I rented a flat in the jewellery quarter. The landlord told me it comes with a washing machine (verbally, not written), but the contract does not list it, and there is no inventory attached to my contract.

Here is how the washing machine looks like:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD17ZvJj06c
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKsOHpeocXE

This is after running an empty cleaning cycle at 90 degrees.

Can I ask the landlord to remove this from the property?

Thanks for all comments,

Hi Daniel, Speaking personally as a tenant, your machine is way, way cleaner than mine and my clothes always come out fine. Water isn’t meant to get into that rubber seal, which is perhaps why the high temp wash isn’t cleaning it.

If you want to remove any furnishings from the property, then it is best to get the landlord’s permission, even if they are not on the inventory.

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Daniel yes dont just throw it out. talk to your landlord Or put it somewhere safe and buy your own . If he later comes looking for it you have it… One reson I put no white goods in my places. No disputes ,no repairs, no testing my appliances.

Hi Sam, thanks for letting me know that your washing machine is even dirtier (pheeew!).

Now does that make me happy to wash my clothes in someone elses hair residue?

I’m paying a top price for this rent, and landlord is stubborn, the thinks this is “immaculate” :slight_smile:

He could have easily replace the contaminated rubber sealing, it doesn’t cost as much as a new washing machine.

Sam, just out of curiosity, would you upload a picture, or video of your washing machine, just to prove you are talking the truth?

I cannot imagine, how a washing machine can be more disgusting, go on, share a pic!
Lets stick to facts.

how about a dirty washing machine contest./ Winner gets every entrants dirty washing to do

I’m in. I’ll bring a bottle of good Hungarian wine to my Landlord (David), if you can prove your washing machine is more disgusting then mine. Don’t forget, I have to wash my loved clothes in someone elses hair residue.

But be honest! I did not pay for OpenRent any fees, so the Landlord must have. Thats puts you in a position where conflict of interest is obvious.

My nominee 1:


My nominee 2:

Please take the pleasure of zooming in. Landlord calls this “immaculate”. He says he used professional disinfectant washing machine cleaner. Problem is that he should have replaced the rubber sealant, which costs around £10-20. He claims he is dealing with properties for 29 years. :slight_smile:

Why would I care if you brought your landlord wine? Surely I should get the wine?

Being realistic, I don’t see any easy way for you to compel your landlord to perform this work. Maybe offering a compromise where they pay for the new part but you install it could work?

But if you report a dirty detergent tray and rubber seal to your local council’s environmental health team, I guarantee they will not be sending the landlord an enforcement of repairs notice.

Tenants are expected to treat the property and its furnishings in a tenant-like manner, and that presumably sometimes means cleaning things (e.g. fixtures and appliances) and replacing things (e.g. lightbulbs).

Offering a compromise might be the best way to proceed.

Landlords also expected to hand over the property clean, I feel you are biased towards the landlord, you get your money from the landlords.

The core of the problem is that landlords lure people into 6 month contracts, then the tenant has very few options to complain. And you help them in this process for money. Thats the problem, here. I just wanted to leave this message here, so maybe future tenants read it. I new, I can “do nothing” and you “can’t help” in the beginning, it does not surprise me at all. :wink:

No one is lured into a contract., you inspect the property, read the contract, agree to to pay and move in…Open rent are not here to be on your side or mine as a landlord. They can help with a bit of knowledge of the law. Remember as a tenant you now pay NO FEES, NO FEES. the landlord pays to check you out. The landlord pays a MODEST fee to Openrent so its now cheaper for everyone. Be happy or this minor event will get under your skin and spoil your enjoyment of life.People are being killed in the “Great” city of London, your washing machine is a very minor problem

Actually properties are taken to be let as viewed.

Look, I could have told you that your landlord is obliged to clean this for you, but that would have been untrue. I am just telling you the ways things are. If they seem biased to you, that’s because they are indeed in the landlord’s favour in this case.

Try this — you may be surprised!

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Well, I was verbally abused by my tenant recently because she claimed there was a ‘smell’ emanating from the washing machine. We had handed it over in a much much cleaner condition than yours, so we knew that this ‘smell’ must have occurred after the tenant moved in. On inspection, the only ‘smell’ was of clean laundry! Tenants take the pi… sometimes! It might be worth seeing if the landlord would be prepared to replace the rubber, but they would not be obliged to do so. Had you raised this before signing the contract then it would have been easier to get the resolution you seek.


Lately I offered him, that I move out, and if he re-lists the property for £700, I’ll top up the amount £50 each month for the remaining 5 months, so he’ll get the same money. Now I’m waiting on his answer.

And Sam your first reflection was “your machine is way, way cleaner than mine”. So could you share a picture of your washing machine for me?

As I told you it’s impossible to examine every little detail in the beginning. Also this was my first flat to rent, coming from abroad, and I thought I get help from OpenRent, if not from the Landlord. Ups, neither is helping me. Nor you.

I wonder why? Your attitude perhaps?

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You are expecting others to help? We dont have the power to and neither do openrent Its down to you and the landlord. It would be cheaper to buy your own machine and put it in

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Anne1 you said what I was thinking!!. The landlord will probably take him up on the offer and breath a sigh of relief

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He seems to have similar attitude as you :wink:
What kind of attitude do you think I have?
How can it be improved?
If I have a “bad” attitude, does that make it validate him to make no compromise?