Do i have any chance to rent?

I’ll try to be shortly :slight_smile:
I’m living to the same address for 3 years and I’d like to change the house. The problem is that during this 3 years appeared my baby and I’ve stopped working. For one month I’ve started trading as self employed. The idea is that my bank statements for the year that I didn’t worked shows incomes for every month of 1300£,1500£. 2000£, 3000£.
Do you think there is any chance to be able to rent ? I’m open to pay even in advance some months. All the nice houses are through agencies.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say from what you’ve said. For example, what is the source of the income you mentioned for the time you were not working?

For self-employed most landlords will want to see three years business accounts, which I guess you don’t have, as you’ve only just started.


3 years? Omg :scream: Maybe exist other possibility …

Agencies choose who is easiest for them ,you need to put your case straight to a landlord ,but that is easier said than done . Anyone S/ employed needs 3 years accounts usually to get a mortgage


I’m super cautious who I allow to live at my properties, however I also use my own initiative. One guy approached me several years ago (it was my first ever rental - so I was extra worried/cautious). He was self employed. He’s British, had been living in Oz for a few years - then moved back a few months prior and had just started a gardening business. I was happy to hear him out - he had plenty of cash regularily coming in the bank and his family had a similar business that was still running (30+ years). I simply had a good feeling. So I asked to see his bank statements (I don’t usually do this, but with the circumstances and no filing of accounts or reliable income source, I of course had to be thorough). I did the usual credit checks to check for hidden demons and I proceeded with his mum as a guarantor. He’s still my tenant years later. He has OCD with cleaning so he’s an absolute dream for a landlord! I was a little worried about his gardening work drying up in winter but he’s always paid (touch wood!)

That was a long way around me basically saying this: Approaching a landlord directly can definitely get you what you want. Once we understand a situation and as long as there are no loop holes and there is 100% honesty, many of us will be happy to go on our gut feeling. But then there is the issue of being able to get hold of the landlord directly, so I appreciate that is easier said than done.

I hope you manage to find what you’re looking for. Good luck!