Does anyone think I have any hope of renting a pet friendly rental

You may have had to take in lodgers as your personal financial circumstances may have dictated at the time however what’s that to do with you attempting to acquire a rented property to house your animals ? . It’s no good saying to a new landlord “you must have had a bad experience, we’re not like that “ you conveniently forget that the landlord doesn’t know you at all and the last individual he gave credibility to what they were saying regarding pets trashed his house. !!
I for one won’t allow pets especially dogs and I think that echoes the general feeling of most landlords in the UK. Just remember your camping in someone else’s house!!
Better option is to get a mortgage and buy your own property then you can have an ark of animals no problem but stop trying to send us landlords on a guilt trip over your animals because we simply don’t want them!!