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Downstairs bathroom in a house

Downstairs bathroom in a house. Are these properties difficult to rent or are they not an issue? My issue is they tend to get damp / cold and I am not sure if tenants want to live with a downstairs bathroom. Thanks. :bathtub:

lots of properties have d/s bathrooms I have done loads for landlords . Depends how attractive the rest of the property is and location… I live in an old mill house with a downstairs bathroom In a stunning location ,.not stopped 2 lots of buyers offering more than the asking price A good thing to do is to well insulate and ventilate it as bathrooms have a lot of cold areas, then plasterboard and skim ,Insulation is vital especially on outside walls Very easy to do before a new suite is put in

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:bathtub:Thank you,Colin. That is very helpful. Yes, I think it also does depend on the surrounding areas and how attractive the house is. That has given me scope to look at some properties that I may not have considered.
Have a lovely day.

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A downstairs bathroom could even be a bit of a selling point to the right tenant. We have family with mobility issues so the upstairs bathroom makes it hard for them to visit.


Indeed! Thank you, Ryan - a very good point. :bathtub:

If the property is a two up two down trying to put in a down stairs loo is mad, however for larger family homes where tenants are having to wait to use the upstairs loo then an extra could well be worth the effort.

2 up 2 down often have the kitchen, a small airspace and then the bathroom , This is perfectly acceptable. Lots of terrace homes like this


Hi Collin ,

I was thinking of living room and kitchen down stairs, and bathroom and bedroom upstairs.
I’m curious if it’s a reginal thing or if you simply have have more experience of these things than me, I’m in Bradford W.Yorkshire.

Please educate me and explain what a airspace is, I’m not familiar with the term.

Thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike There a a lot of houses like this … There are two rooms upstairs and two downstairs so there is a single storey kitchen at the rear also with a small area in between the kitchen ,and the bathroom beyond ,.the bathroom and kitchen are divided by an area that has two doors (an airspace) This is because you cannot have a bathroom DIRECTLY off a kitchen .The kitchen ,airspace and bathroom must each have an electric fan also. All for hygiene reasons


Hi Mike --My previous home( a cottage style property built 1889!) in London had a bathroom downstairs behind the kitchen ( beyond the airspace) . This was the only bathroom in the property. We had the bathroom re-positioned upstairs — took out a bedroom on the first first. Converted it to bathroom with W/C. Then added a separate W/C next door. Then we went into the loft and created 2 bedrooms upstairs. We should have put another bathroom upstairs but did not think of this at the time! It was well worth doing as it was a four bed house and did need an extra W/C. Previously a three bed house with bathroom downstairs.

Sorry to contradict you Colin3, but the rules have changed and I think you can put a bathroom off a kitchen. Well I have, and it’s passed building control. It’s a spacious kitchen and has plenty of air, as the front door also opens off it. It’s a barn conversion.

funny I have seen that in barn conversions. Maybe it depends on the size of the room? I remember what it is, it has to have a hand basin in the toilet so you wash hands before entering the kitchen… PS When I alter my next house I will still put in an airspace, or it wont be just the smell of food in the kitchen… Some of the old ways are the best.


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Current regulations are ventilation dependent. As long as kitchen and bathroom have ventilation you do not require the airspace

no amount of fan will stop the smell getting into the kitchen . Just because a reg. has been changed does not mean the old method is wrong… You dont know some of my pongy mates!!!

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I grew up in a 2 up 2 down with a downstairs half bath. It was really nice and convenient.

Even a family of 4, one bathroom can sometimes be an inconvenient crunch.

I agree i am disabled and looking for a flat or property with a downstairs loo or bathroom ,cheadle hulme area ,stockport if anybody reads this ,I used to live in a dorma bungalow and that would be perfect now