Refurb and plumbing

I am looking at some refurb possibilities on a property and questions are as follows

Is it true that you can’t change position of a toilet? e.g. moving it to another position as it needs to connected to the main waste pipe as close as possible?

also if you have a kitchen right next to a living room, e.g. no landing no corridor but just a door and wall separates them, are you able to change that into a bedroom legally? e.g. you sell this property calling it 2 bed instead of 1 bed?

any suggestion helps!

Changing the position of the toilet depends on whether it’s connected by a cast iron or PVC pipe, the former being more difficult to change. I’d recommend checking with a builder/plumber or a bathroom shop. Generally changing the position of the toilet will increase your budget significantly and I would always try to avoid doing this on a rental refurb. Wrt the living room next to kitchen, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to turn the living room into a second bedroom. I would usually let the market / demand decide the best use of this room, e.g. with more people working from home, there might be higher demand for separate living / home office space. Additionally if the tenant has to go through that living room to get to the kitchen, then turning that into a bedroom won’t be practical.

I was more on the kitchen becomes a bedroom so kitchen joins with the living room.

About how to count as a bedroom, i got this question because when there is a loft you need a certain landing or stair space to actually making it into a bedroom. so I wonder if it is the same for flats that you have a bedroom door next to your living room. e.g. do you need to artificially to make a hallway or landing.